Since joining CU Boulder in Fall 2017, I have created two courses (one undergrad, one cross-listed senior/grad) to help extend the expertise of our students to include power grid-related topics. I have designed a version of our AREN undergraduate students' circuits requirement to be more focused on relevant applications in their field (three-phase AC power, motors, transformers, real and reactive power, etc.).

Courses Taught

AREN - Architectural Engineering
CVEN - Civil Engineering
ECEN - Electrical, Computer, and Energy Engineering

AREN 4830 / CVEN 5830 : Grid Connected Systems, Spring 2019

ECEN 3030 : Circuits for Non-Majors, Fall 2018, Fall 2019

AREN 5001 : Building Energy Systems (co-taught), Fall 2018, Fall 2019

AREN 4830 : Circuits for Architectural Engineers, Spring 2018

AREN 4570 / CVEN 5380 : Building Electrical Systems, Fall 2017