Dr. Baker - Personal

I was born in Nevada in Sept. 1988, and I spent most of my childhood living across from a dairy farm in Meridian, Idaho (a town which has grown significantly since I left). I enjoy various athletic activities (running, lifting, climbing, racquetball) as well as creative endeavors (playing guitar, photography, photoshop). I also really like cats. Since 3/2016 to the last time I checked (5/2019), I hold the Colorado state record for Women's unequipped deadlift at 140 kg (309 lbs) in the 56kg Novice weight class in the Natural Athlete Strength Association.
I am also proud to belong to a family of academics, including my father Prof. Jacob Baker and my aunt Prof. Kris Campbell.

Rescued kittens, Alex (orange) and Piper (gray)- now grown up, healthy, and best friends!

287 lb (130 kg) deadlift during the USAPL 2015 CO State Championships

State record for Novice 123 lb (56 kg) weight class - 309 lb (140 kg) deadlift during the NASA 2016 CO State Championships (I briefly held the national record; it was defeated about six months later.)

I am a metal/rock guitarist, but I also enjoy acoustic. In a previous life, I had a fanbase comprising over 6 million YouTube views and 30,000 Facebook fans (I have even received fan mail and sent autographs as far as Russia!). There is also a Japanese textbook for students learning English which uses my music persona as one of the examples.

Having fun in Photoshop (titled "My Facets")

Hanggliding in Florida

Working breakfast in Berlin

Hiking in Colorado with Bridget

Walking on a glacier in Iceland